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I am very excited to announce something that I haven’t offered in over a year.
I see all your messages and emails this year asking me to teach you the levels of Dr. Usui Reiki so I meditated on it for the last few days and I’m excited to take on a brand new group of Light Workers starting on Sunday 3rd December 2023.
Have a read over the schedule below which I’ve planned and If you can’t make one of the dates you will be sent the recording but I do recommend attending all live Zooms as your attunement ceremonies will take place on 3rd December 2023, 7th January 2024 & 3rd February 2024 and this is important. I put my heart and soul into my Reiki Mastership Programme and I have set my intentions that only the right students / light workers will be attracted to my frequency to learn Dr. Usui teachings from me starting in one weeks time. This is a rare opportunity as I may not offer this programme again in the future.
Email info@zenwellness.co to register for a place for the last live training with Jen on Zoom.

Dr. Usui Reiki Level One – Sunday 3rd December 2023

All day training plus 21 day follow up group Zoom & support


Dr. Usui Reiki Level Two – Sunday 7th January (All day)
& Monday 8th January 2024 (PM)

All day training plus 21 day follow up group Zoom & support

Dr. Usui Reiki Level Three – Saturday 3rd February 2024 (All day)
& Sunday 4th February 2024 (AM)

All day training plus 21 day follow up group Zoom & support

Awaken Your Magic Manifestation Products

Use your moon aura spray during the full or new moon each month to cleanse your space.

Awaken Your Magic Manifestation Kit

365 Days To Manifest & Awaken Your Magic Journal + Awaken Your Magic Manifestation Moon Candle + Awaken Your Magic Manifestation Mantra Cards + 11:11 Manifestation & Moon Aura Spray. When you combine all the products of the kit into your manifestation ritual, whether you are brand new to the world of manifestation or a seasoned manifestor you will maximise your manifestation ritual. I have made this really easy for you to follow and I have tried and tested this ritual for many years using the energy of the moon.

Mantra cards for using with full or new moon each month.

Awaken Your Magic Manifestation Mantra Cards

I am delighted my manifestation mantra cards have made it into your vibrational frequency. I love keeping my karma good by paying it forward, having pure intentions for those who cross my path, living an abundant life by using the power of daily, weekly & monthly rituals. I channeled the messages on these manifestation cards for 3 years before publishing. In drawing cards, you work with the energy of the Universe to help you in the moment to uplift your vibrational frequency so you can manifest what you currently feel aligned to.

Use your moon aura spray during the full or new moon each month to cleanse your space.

11:11 Manifestation Moon Aura Spray

Our new 11:11 moon aura spray is amazing for healers to cleanse their space before & after their healings to uplift the energy within their sacred space so the healer can channel from a high frequency. This perfect blend was made & infused with clear quartz, healing energies & orange essential oil which has been known for hundreds of years as the 'oil of abundance'. Our spray helps empower you to send positive vibrations out into the universe and open up to receiving them back especially when used around the 8 phases of the moon.

Testimonial – Manifestation Products

"Jen I was absolutely blown away with your amazing weekend event in Dublin and to top it all off you have launched gorgeous products that go in hand in hand with everything you teach and preach. Love them. Massive well done x"


Testimonial - Manifestation Products

"I can instantly feel the love, energy and manifestation power that is infused into all these superb products. Over the moon I got my hands on them. Thank you thank you !"


Testimonial - Manifestation Products

"Wow Jen. I really love all the items that arrived. Love the colours, the art & wording on the mantra cards are beautiful, the smell of the Moon Aura Spray & candle is divine. Well done again, you should be so proud of what you have designed. Continued success for you Jen"


Testimonial - Manifestation Products

"I was so excited for my Magic Manifestation Kit to arrive in the post & I was extremely happy with my purchase. The packaging, the attention to detail on the various products and overall vibe is just so pretty and simple. I have ordered two more for Christmas gifts for friends, they are that beautiful. Now to start manifesting."