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Please read below, so you have a better idea how I work with my clients. I highly recommend us working together for 4 sessions and to try keep them within a 6-week time frame if possible.


1st session – 90 mins (Soul enquiry, distant healing, cord cutting & aftercare recommendation to follow)


2nd session – 75 mins (Your mindset & your subconscious – distant healing & specific mantras designed for you)


3rd session – 75 mins (Your internal dialogue – distant healing & journaling prompts to follow)


4th session – 75 mins (Your inner circle – distant healing, cord cutting (if needed) & 21 day recommendation)


5th check in – What’sApp follow up voice note to see how everything is in your life & extra guidance + support if needed.


An intuitive virtual healing with mindset coaching over Zoom is so in-depth and that’s why I recommend four sessions as we really do go on a soul journey together each week. Lots of healing work happens, unexpected things come up during our guided meditations for discussion & incredible things happen as the weeks unfold and I am here to celebrate your wins with you. I am committed to support you and lift you to a higher frequency over our 4 sessions together.


I use 7 different healing modalities that I am trained in. Everyone’s energy becomes stuck over time which is completely normal. This can happen due to your lifestyle, the people you surround yourself with, your work environment, unresolved trauma, past heartbreak, your mindset, your karma etc.


People sometimes book in with me and they don’t always know why they are booking in. I only work with people who I feel aligned with now and I am very selective on who I work with because I believe our energy is a precious gift and we only have a certain amount to give each day.


I channel the best healing energy between 7am and 3pm each day because that’s when my energy peaks. If I channel healing at night I have to rest during the day to preserve my healing energy. Let me know the times that suit you best and we will work around your schedule.


I always say when it’s the right time to work alongside me you will feel the pull. Every healer offers different energy, insights and gifts and I believe you heal something different each time. No two healers are the same and no two healing sessions with me are ever the same. All healers are usually sensitive souls, come from a a place of love and want the best for others. The better healing I channel, the more good karma comes back to me (& you) so it’s in my best interest to make your sessions with me amazing because it’s a win/win.

How should you prepare for an intuitive healing session?

(1) Get a good night’s sleep the night before our sessions

(2) Set your intentions for your sessions

(3) Write down any triggers so you have them ready to discuss

(4) Have a good meal or some food in your tummy beforehand

(5) Light 3 white candles

(6) Have a throw ready, a glass of water and a place to lay down

(7) Have a note pad and pen ready for any insights

What happens after you work alongside Jen?

So when you have an Intuitive Healing new ideas come out of nowhere for at least a week afterwards….I call them “light bulb downloads” or “golden nuggets” of information. Random miracles start to unfold for my clients that they can’t always explain.

Everything starts to feel clearer within your mind including important decisions you might need to make. Any stuck energy starts to flow again. Your “chi” is balanced and negative energy dissolves / melts away & returns to you as unexpected blessings or positive energy.

When your energy is in a good place you can really connect in with your inner knowing / intuitive whispers / strong gut feeling’s. All the answers we seek are within. I help you to silence your mind so you start to access them.

A lot of my clients say they feel more intuitive, grounded, calmer and energetically uplifted after our intuitive healings and mindset coaching.

75 minutes of an Intuitive Virtual Healing is the equivalent to 6 hours deep sleep.

01 What do I need to have ready for my virtual intuitive healing?

All you need is a bed to lay down (in a quiet room or location) on with a nice warm throw to put over yourself. If you can, have a scented candle or incense burning and a glass of water should you need a drink at any stage during or at the end of the healing.

02 Do you provide any tips or aftercare post healing?

Yes I do. I have a tailored aftercare which I send to all my clients to follow and implement after their healing session. It includes daily morning meditations, exercise, random acts of kindness, journaling, practicing the law of attraction and manifesting.

03 How many sessions would you recommend and how often between each healing?

Each of the four sessions are specifically tailored for each individual person I work with.


Testimonial - Virtual Intuitive Healing

"I have had the great pleasure of experiencing Jen's many talents this year and to say she has changed my life is an understatement. I have taken part in full moon events, winter solstice, distant healing, 1:1 mentoring and reiki healing and teaching and am learning so much from Jen. Every time I listen to one of her calls, videos, meditations or chat together I'm in my highest vibration thanks to Jen. She has a wealth of knowledge and a gentle nature, it's like chatting with a friend. I look forward to every interaction and am very excited to continue this journey with Jen as I know I'm in the best place. Thank you Jen for all you do for your beautiful community"


Testimonial - Virtual Intuitive Healing

"Hi Jen, Thank you for the healing session today, I really found it powerful and all your messages where spot on. I nearly feel you know me better than I know myself. I will take all your messages on board and follow your guidance. Since my operation I am totally focusing on all my Reiki learnings & reading the book you gave us. I have started meditating much more and try to do it every day. I will also try to start journaling as you said. You are such an inspiration, and I love learning from you. Thanks again for all your healing today. Namaste, Ann"


Testimonial - Virtual Intuitive Healing

"Hi Jen, I felt really good after our session. I've been feeling really tired and sleeping really well. The session was great I bought 4! Just trying to catch up with my homework now! Hope you're having a lovely weekend. Thank you Rachael x"


Testimonial - Virtual Intuitive Healing

"Hi Jen, Thank you so much for such a beautiful healing today. I really appreciate you fitting me in and I feel so much better after it. Thank you so much for listening and being so kind and understanding. I have started my writing so I'm looking forward to continuing with that and to focusing on the lovely pregnancy affirmations, as these really resonated with me today. I hope you have a great week ahead. Laura xxx "


Testimonial - Virtual Intuitive Healing

"I have bad anxiety and I feel I'm going around in circles with it. Thanks to Jen it is something that is becoming more in the past for me. She did more for me in one session than doctors, counsellors, tablets and desperate other trials to get better. Thank you Jen for looking after me, showing compassion and doing your magic. You are someone really special. "


Testimonial - Virtual Intuitive Healing

"I don't believe it but it is nearly 3 weeks since my Virtual healing session with you. With the rainy weather today I have a chance to send a thoughtful reply. My sleep was better and my energy increased dramatically for a good week and started to practice my daily affirmations again. As we discussed over Zoom, up to the night before the healing my sleep was terrible, my energy was low and I was very anxious. I was so thankful for your reply the next day and for sending me on the morning routine ritual. "


  • Intuitive Healing

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    • 4 bespoke healing sessions
    • 7 different healing modalities that I can use
    • Intuitive mindset coaching
    • Realign & balance your energy
    • Cutting energetic cords
    • Healing to your PEMS
    • Mantra’s & affirmations
    • Guidance & whatsapp support if needed