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As an intuitive, my job is to tune into the energies around me when you reach out and book a soul reading. I light a candle, meditate and then I see what comes flowing in for you. I write about you from a loving space as my intentions are to lift you to a higher place.
I only ever reach for the best things I see & feel around people. Once you send on your full name, your date of birth, and with your permission, tune into your energy and give you a lovely personalized keepsake to print out on an A4 page which is yours forever. I mix my gifts, my love for astrology & the information that’s channeled through me to create a lovely reading for you.
The purpose behind my soul readings are to help you see yourself through loving eyes. I am a heart-centered empath and try to remind you of all the amazing qualities you have within. This is a great gift idea and once the energy exchange is made I get to work and email you your bespoke soul reading within 48 hours.
My guides know I only work in the light – so any information that comes through is meant only for your highest good and I keep everything positive. I know how powerful words can be so all readings are done in a high vibrational frequency.
I am aware that sometimes healing begins through painful moments and the outcome is always a better, stronger and more resilient you. The contrast in life is so important for our growth and expansion. I choose to focus on the good points that I see in your life.
For a soul reading I will need:
– Your full name
– Date of birth
– Place of birth
– If it’s a gift?
– Payment of €33
If you pay through Revolut please send an email once you have paid so I have your details to forward the finished soul reading to.
Revolut: @jennifmfvg
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  • Soul Enquiry Readings

  • 33

  • Included in the price is the following. I require your full name, date & place of birth and if this is for you or a gift to another person.

    • Personalised soul reading
    • Perfect personalised gift for a loved one
    • The ideal A4 page keep-sake
    • Emailed to you within 48 hours
    • A high vibrational reading
    • A bespoke and unique gift
    • Positive reading & information all for your highest good