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Are you excited for 2023?

Would you like to use the power of the 12 new moons to have amazing “energy hygiene”?
Get a little glimpse of what’s included in my new monthly membership for 2023 and create a mini at-home new moon ritual self love pack.
I’m excited to offer something new that intuitively came to me during a new moon ceremony I did for myself in August 2021 and I start thinking “what if I could offer my New Moon ritual to others to enjoy each month so they can do their own ceremony and ritual around the potent energy of the New Moon?” So on the new moon in August my new idea was born.
I welcome anyone who is guided to connect with the new moon’s wisdom. The moon’s insights have been flowing through me since a very young age. I have learned to tap into the many benefits of meditating and slowing down around certain times of the month and how important it is for my energy. My energy is extra sensitive and very heightened around the new moons and full moons and I will guide you through your 2023 using gentle techniques.
My New Moon Ritual Monthly Self Care pack includes:
  • My favorite 3 mantras that intuitively came to me for the New Moon each month (pdf)
  • My new moon insights to ignite your light where we focus on the positives of the energy for each particular new moon in 2023 (pdf)
  • My soul enquiry worksheet with 5 different questions to reflect on each month (pdf)
  • My tips for energy hygiene each month (pdf)
  • 30 min new moon guided meditation infused with pure intentions and distant healing on Vimeo recorded by Jen x 12 different ones will be sent to you before the new moons in 2023 (You will have 7 days to watch video)
Following your monthly or yearly purchase, you will receive an email confirmation with your New Moon pdf & a Vimeo link with to help you tap into the energy of the New Moon – please keep it safe. This should take you one hour to complete in total. This is your time to connect in with your own wisdom and prioritize your self care and give love back to yourself each month.
Every month the New Moon worksheets will be different & my video recordings will be different. Let’s journey together on each new moon in 2023.
Monthly Energy Exchange – €12.12
Yearly Energy Exchange – €121.21 (2 months for free so you only pay for 10 months)
How some people feel after they attend my events:
🤍 Peaceful & calmer
🤍 Inspired & uplifted
🤍 Rested & lighter
🤍 Deeper awareness
🤍 New perspective & clearer mind
🤍 New energy for days / weeks
🤍 More grounded & happier
🤍 Feelings of love & contentment

Testimonial - Retreat Masterclass

""This is the best investment I have ever made. Jen goes above and beyond and now I know why she has such a long waitlist! This is by far the BEST ever resource I’ve found to follow step-by-step with such clarity that you literally do not have have to think of the next steps because Jen has you, all the way. Having the guide, and it’s total insight into the process, and knowing that it works made me fully step into my leadership role with total Confidence, with a Capital C!""


Testimonial - Retreat Masterclass

""Jen's course made it very simple and step-by-step-which is saying a lot because retreats have a lot of moving parts. I was looking for this level of support for years and could never find it. If I'd had to do this on my own there are SO many steps I would have missed and I know Jen saved me many hours and many headaches. This program really helped me to budget and know how to price my retreat to cover expenses. I sold out and am already planning my next three retreats all thanks to Jen and her dedication to seeing me succeed.""


Testimonial - Retreat Masterclass

""With the gold retreat package and high level of support I feel so much more confident and ready to hit the ground running. This course breaks everything down in simple steps and even goes into details that I would have NEVER thought about if I was doing this on my own. It gives a clear step by step plan on what to do and when to do it and Jen held my hand every step of the way. I was surprised at how in depth the course was & the level of support I was offered for such a great price. I can't thank you enough Jen because creating retreats doesn't feel overwhelming anymore and having completed this course made me feel really secure and professional in my planning.""


Testimonial - Retreat Masterclass

""This full course videos plus the 1:1 calls with Jen was absolutely brilliant. Jen did so many 1:1's with me before I began the videos so it didn't feel overwhelming. It is detailed, thorough, reassuring and a pleasure to work through and then having the monthly 1:1's kept me on track with my monthly goals and kept me accountable. It makes what might seem an intimidating goal and breaks it down into manageable bite-sized pieces. The investment has returned to me to x 10 times in the past eighteen months. I grew professionally and personally during the 12 months I spent with Jen and my family have noticed a huge difference in my mindset and energy.""


Payment details:
Revolut: @jennifmfvg
PayPal option is through the below button links
I’m excited for us to celebrate all the new moons together in 2023. I want you to feel the magic that I always feel around the new moons energy portal.
If you pay through Revolut please send an email once you have paid so I have your details to email the zoom link to.

Retreat dates available to shadow Jen in 2023:

12th to 16th June 2023 – Eremito, Umbria, Italy
19th to 23rd June 2023 – Eremito, Umbria, Italy
16th to 20th October 2023 – Eremito, Umbria, Italy
23rd to 27th October 2023 – Eremito, Umbria, Italy
  • Silver Package

  • 1895

  • Package includes the following

    • A pre-recorded video with a specific meditation & new moon video each month
    • 2 hour 1:1 monthly zoom calls for 12 months
    • New moon insights to ignite your light
    • Soul enquiry worksheet for reflection
    • Tips for energy hygiene each month
    • Have a deeper awareness, feel more grounded & happier
  • Gold Package

  • 3795

  • Included in the price is the following

    • A pre-recorded video with a specific meditation & new moon video each month
    • Favorite 3 mantra’s for each months new moon
    • New moon insights to ignite your light
    • Soul enquiry worksheet for reflection
    • Tips for energy hygiene each month
    • Have a deeper awareness, feel more grounded & happier