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Reiki Mastership Programme

My Reiki courses are designed for anyone who wants to qualify as a Reiki Healer, Reiki Practitioner, Reiki Master or Reiki Teacher. I will guide you through all levels of Reiki and support you as you complete all five modules. At Dr. Usui Reiki Level One, Two & Three you will receive an attunement each time and go through a 21 day chakra clearing.

You will learn all about the benefits of Reiki – the history, the five principles, hand positions for healings, protecting your aura, alternative holistic treatments, good karma, client care and so much more. After each level you will deepen your experience with meditation, healing and become more aware of energies. I will be guiding you to work intuitively, adding in your own skills to make your healing sessions unique to you. I encourage everyone to heal from their hearts and use your intuition when helping others which was integral to Dr. Usui’s method of working with Reiki. 

At the end of your training, you are eligible to get your holistic malpractice insurance. You can start charging for Reiki and start up your business helping others with your beautiful healings.

During your training it is highly recommended that you complete your case studies and build up your confidence using Reiki. Your Reiki Practitioner certificate is posted to you separately once you have completed your 16 hours of Reiki healing on 4 people (friends or family) and sometimes this can take people approximately 6 months to complete.

Reiki Practitioner and Advanced Reiki Practitioner are recommended if you are planning to charge for your healings and work with the general public. You will need to complete your case studies within twelve months from your Reiki 2 attunement. Once you receive your 5 qualifications you can work professionally as a Reiki Master as all certificates are recognised by IARP. You can also become a member and advertise yourself on the Reiki Federation of Ireland’s website if you wish.

Reiki Mentoring Mastership Price breakdown

Reiki Level 1: €250

Course videos on Vimeo & 90 min 1: 1 call with Jen on Zoom which includes cord cutting, healing & attunement to one ray of Reiki. 

Reiki Level 2: €400

Course videos on Vimeo & 90 min 1: 1 call with Jen on Zoom which includes cord cutting, healing & attunement to four rays of Reiki. 

Reiki Level 3 – Mastership: €555

Course videos on Vimeo & 90 min 1: 1 call with Jen on Zoom which includes cord cutting, healing & attunement to last two rays of Reiki. 

Reiki Practitioner Certificate: €400

12 months to complete case studies x 16 hours of reiki on 4 friends & family

Advanced Reiki Practitioner Certificate: €400

Course videos on Vimeo & 90 min 1: 1 call with Jen on Zoom which includes cord cutting, healing & attunement. 

Dr. Usui Intense Advanced Master Teacher Degree Certificate: €666

Course videos on Vimeo & 90 min 1: 1 call with Jen on Zoom which includes cord cutting, healing & attunement. 


Included is Reiki Mentoring calls with Jen which include 3 Attunements & Whatsapp Support + Courses + Video library access = € 4,171

All the above Reiki levels are discounted to €2,222 when you sign up for all 6 levels. Saving €1,949 when you commit to all levels and pay up front.

Course Content Consists of

55 hours of material

PEMS & Two Spiritual Precepts

Bed & chair treatments

Distant healing for individuals & groups

Techniques for intuitive Reiki sessions

Insurance for working as a Reiki Healer

Karma clearing using symbols

Breaking the ties / Cutting the cords

Japanese sacred symbols for Reiki 2 & 3

Using the sacred symbols on yourself & others

Clearing negative energy from a room or home

Good Karma for 21 days x 3

Importance of morning rituals

History of Dr. Usui & Benefits of Reiki

Five Reiki Principles

Setting up your Reiki business

Reiki Practitioner (Case studies 4x4 = 16 hours)

Meditation & its importance

01 Can I just sign up for Reiki Level 1 and then decide about the full course?

Yes, I always ask everyone to meditate on their decision before they make the commitment to become trained in Dr. Usui’s Reiki. Ask your guides “Is becoming a Reiki Healer for my highest good?”.

Once you experience Level 1, the power and benefits that Reiki can have I know you will be proceeding onto the next Level. I love seeing people evolve as they start their journey with me to become a qualified Reiki Healer. I will always remain your Reiki Master and I will be here to support you until you feel confident in your abilities to heal or teach others.

02 Do you allow payment plans?

Yes I do, you can pay for each level as you go but If you pay for the whole course altogether there is a big saving to be made. You must be fully paid up before the last Reiki Certificate is issued to you.

03 Is the course done online?

I have a full course of detailed pre-recorded Zoom video’s available which you will have continuous access to when you commence the course. This has proven to be very popular with people as it really puts the flexibility into your hands to watch the videos in your own time, take notes, practice some of the content and can even re-watch the videos again so that you have understood everything. Included in the package is a private 1:1 Zoom mentoring call for each level you have paid for, a Reiki catch up where you can ask me any questions you had from watching the video content and your Reiki attunement for levels 1, 2 & Reiki master.

04 How long does it take to become fully qualified?

You need to leave a minimum of 21 days between each of the following levels Reiki Level 1, 2 and Reiki Master. Once you receive your attunement you can progress to the next stage. So in theory you could have these three levels completed in 63 days. If you do the full programme it takes people on average 5 months to complete and integrate all the three attunements energetically and complete all 5 levels if the programme. I will guide you through all levels of Reiki and support you every step of the way. My Reiki Mastership Mentoring Programme is designed to cater for those who want to use Reiki on a professional level. No previous experience in Reiki healing or meditation is needed. 

05 Will I experience anything during the 21 day attunement?

Yes the 1st week of your 21 day clearing can be hard and some people can feel out of sorts as you clear old patterns and energy. Go nice and gentle on yourself, soak you feet or body in a warm bath with Epsom salts. Drink plenty of water to flush out toxins from the body and aim to get 8/9 hours sleep if possible.

Be introduced to the 5 Reiki principles, the history and benefits of Reiki and ways in which it can be used to help yourself, friends and family. You will become more conscious of your 7 chakras and how to clear these powerful energy centres in your body. You will learn the Reiki healing hand positions for self-healing and for healing others. You will receive 1 ray of Reiki and an attunement.

You will learn about the sacred Reiki symbols and how to use them. Know how to perform a Reiki distant healing. You will partake in meditations and visualisations especially designed to help you maintain alignment with source energy. Receive 4 more rays of Reiki and an attunement. Cutting of the cords and ties.

The importance of self healing, meditation, balancing and grounding yourself 24 hours before your healings or classes. At Master level you will be introduced to the most powerful Reiki symbols and receive your last 2 rays of Reiki and another attunement. How to attunes others to Level 1, 2 & 3. The power of chanting with the Master symbol to raise your vibration.

Advanced Practitioner includes a quick refresher on Level 1 & 2. Duty of care for your clients. Importance of boundaries between you and your clients. Guidance on Health & Safety. Setting up your Reiki business, how much to charge and GDPR compliance. Membership of a professional body like Reiki Federation of Ireland.

Here you need to have 4 people (friends/family/partner) and complete 4 reiki healings on each person taking notes after each session about your experience of the healing. You have 12 months to carry out your case studies, you submit them to me for review and once I am happy you are ready to work on the general public I will issue your certificate.

This level of Reiki teacher training is for students who have completed at least one year of channelling Reiki to others after Reiki Level 3 and experienced how powerful the energy is for their clients. Before you can apply to this course your case studies must be completed, with at least 40 in person treatments are required. There must have experienced at least 100 hours of channelling healing to others so you can give in depth explanations of healing others to your students and hold the best classes.

Dr. Usui

Reiki is a Japanese word which is split up into two syllables. The first syllable, Rei, means spirit aura or subtle energy. The second syllable, Ki, means energy or power. Mikao Usui was the promoter of a form of spiritual practice known as Reiki, used as an alternative therapy for the treatment of physical, emotional, and mental diseases. Reiki is a hands on healing system for channelling this Life Force. According to the inscription on his memorial stone, Usui taught Reiki to over 2,000 people during his lifetime.

7 main chakra points


Chakras play a role in the flow of energy in your body. Running from the base of your spine to the top of your head. We have 7 main energy centres otherwise known as chakras, and when one or more of those is out of balance, that’s when potential “dis-ease” can set in which manifests in many ways from physical, to mental and emotional problems. Chakras are the spinning wheels of energy centres, which carries a magnificent responsibility to emanate energy to keep our mind and organs functioning at an optimal level.


Reiki is a Japanese healing technique and is the purest form of love there is. Reiki comes straight from your heart chakra as love (white light). Love is the highest frequency in the Universe and raises the vibrational frequency of everyone it reaches including the Healer. Reiki uses what’s known as universal life force energy - ki or qi - to improve people’s lives and ailments. Reiki works on all levels - spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. It is a totally natural and holistic system, where the energy goes to where the problem is in the body.

Testimonial - Reiki Mastership Programme

"Where do I start? This is more than just a mentorship programme that will teach you all you need to know to become a Reiki Master Practitioner. Jen walks alongside you ever step of the way and at your pace. There is so much more than the 1:1 Zooms, which are incredible BTW. It’s the lists of questions via email in between, the constant commitment to helping you get to where you want to be. You can do this in 3 months or 12 months, it’s up to you. The reassurance provided is invaluable. Jen will see you before you see you. Jen will believe in you before you believe in yourself too. But when you both then see the same person, the magic happens and you step into your light, into your purpose. This is single handedly the best thing I have ever committed to. I see Reiki as my future, my business and it looks and feels wonderful. "

Amy B

Testimonial - Reiki Mastership Programme

"Hi Jen. ❤️ Gosh what a powerful weekend! I will be honest and say that I wasn't sure how the online trainings would work as I imagined Reiki training being very hands on, but what you have created through the online training is incredible. You should be so proud of yourself for the amazing space that you have created. I am very excited about going on my healing journey and providing a safe place for people in time. Lots of Love."


Testimonial - Reiki Mastership Programme

"Hi Jen, I just wanted to drop you a quick message to say thank you so much for today, it was lovely and the energy felt amazing. I was so nervous having never done a Reiki session before but you couldn't have made me felt more at ease, thank you for that. I'm extremely excited to see what the next 21 days will bring and I'm really looking forward to practicing. I hope you a have lovely evening and a beautiful day tomorrow. Thank you so much."


Testimonial - Reiki Mastership Programme

"Thank you so much for yesterday’s training it was such a wonderful experience. I was tired after it and it is only today that I am really feeling the benefits! I feel very uplifted and really connected to something bigger. I didn’t know a lot about Reiki and so I attended yesterday more out of curiosity than with any sort of a plan to become a Reiki Master! However, now I feel something new is opening up for me, I could feel this for the last few months, I just didn’t know what it was. Perhaps it was Reiki calling me?! I really enjoyed listening to you and your story yesterday. You are a wonderful teacher, I especially loved how gentle you were. So thank you for that. I am looking forward to the meditation this evening, thank you so much for the invite and for your daily distance healing, I feel so supported!"


Testimonial - Reiki Mastership Programme

"Hi Jen, Thank you so much for all this information! I'm so excited to make my way through the content! I've started the Reiki 1 videos from your Dropbox and it was definitely the best option to rejig the memory and learn the calling in & out prayers, so thank you! I have transferred the money to you. Delighted to be starting this journey with you Thanks again Jen!"


Testimonial - Reiki Mastership Programme

"Thank you SO much for my attunement last night!! I was on such a high afterwards and couldn’t sleep for ages! I just felt so buzzy and energetic. I also woke up this morning in such good form with loads of energy and with so much gratitude. Having a fab day and paying it forward as I go. I felt so safe with you last night and just like I was having a chat with a friend. I love how calm and loving you are and I am so happy and grateful that I am going on this journey with you!!💛 Thank you for passing on all of those notes from last night. I will see you later this evening for the Reiki Share. Have a fab day! "


Testimonial - Reiki Mastership Programme

"Good Morning Jen, I have finished watching the content in your email and all I can say is wow! I’m feeling so inspired and would be delighted if I could progress my training with you. I can’t thank you enough for all the knowledge and teachings you have given me so far, this is the best decision I have made in my life and have butterflies thinking about what more there is to come. I would love to sign up to your programme to continue my training with you, please let me know if you are available to do this. Sending lots of gratitude and love!"


Testimonial - Reiki Mastership Programme

"Thank you so much for Reiki Level 1 training yesterday. It was amazing. I’m walking around with a smile on my face and a very positive mindset today which normally takes a lot of effort - to get into that space but came quite easily today. I am being drawn to do the full course with you. Thanks again and look forward to hearing from you."


Reiki Master Certificate

Energy Chakra's


Reiki Levels


Days to Become a Reiki Master


Days between each Attunement

Dr. Usui