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I’m super excited that my 4.5 hour ’11/11 Manifestation” workshop is now available to purchase along with a 21 morning ritual to follow so you can rewire your subconscious mind & manifest all you want in life yay. This course has been completed by over 100 people and the feedback has been out of this World.
So many people have been purchasing the workshop and content for friends, family, their staff members as gifts for that person who “has everything” or someone who wants to rewire their subconscious over 21 days to have a miracle mindset. This workshop can even be emailed to someone on the morning of their birthday, how amazing is that?
What’s included?:
  • 4.5 hours of videos in total
  • 1.5 hour long meditation to rewire your subconscious mind 1st with forgiveness part
  • 3 hour long workshop with my 11 tips on how I manifested so much into my life
  • 44 page workbook to get you to put things down on paper
  • 21 min guided am meditation recorded by me to do every morning for 21 days
  • My Spotify playlists to stay high vibe
  • Lifetime access to my Vimeo videos
Honestly the reviews from this workshop have actually blown me away and hearing the things people have already manifested in 7 days have had me in tears some days (happy tears). When you purchase my course you can honestly start manifesting things we never knew were even possible.
Manifesting should be fun and very simple. It shouldn’t be overcomplicated…I’ve been doing it now for over 15 years. Keep yourself nice & chilled each day, focus on all the things that “are working well for you” & watch where your point of attraction is on the emotional guidance scale created by Abraham Hicks.
After you watch the course start thinking about your life and think “How good can it get?” I want you to have everything you desire in life.
If you pay through Revolut please send an email once you have paid so I have your details to forward all the content to. Paypal option is via the button link below.
Revolut: @jennifmfvg

Testimonial - Manifestation Course

"Dearest Jen, This day last week my life took another turn, a turn that has brought me ever closer to aligning with my beautiful soul and to source. You have been the conduit of this miracle! I cannot begin to tell you about all the incredible synchronicities that have come into my life in just 7 days...they have been EPIC! Last Friday, after taking part in your 11/11 manifestation course I was so impressed with your teachings, the community you have built & everything you have offered me plus the opportunity to create miracles, magic and limitless possibilities into my life. I was doing a good job but NOW......WOW!!!!! I could go on and on...... but what I know for sure is that once again, as you have done on so many occasions over the past 5 years, have enhanced my life beyond measure. Now, I know I am the creator of my life's desires.... I know that when I connect and listen to my soul, the outcome of my manifestations are simply incredible....however, we all need that person in our lives, a teacher, someone who gives of themselves selflessly for the betterment of others. What I know for sure is that this is your soul's purpose. Your loving light shines so exquisitely in all that you are and all that you do. I feel extraordinarily humbled and blessed to have you in my life and I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for being you...... Jen, the Divine in me bows with great gratitude and appreciation to the Divine in you. I love the bones of you................. YOU ARE EPIC! "


Testimonial - Manifestation Course

"A powerful course as always and I feel so much lighter already. I am delighted to say I have been keeping my vibration high and have manifested a few things since the course. The difference in me since I first met you in April is amazing I can’t even explain - just so much goodness and happiness has come back into my life & I don’t know how to thank you but I’ll think of something."


  • Manifestation Workshop

  • 88.88

  • Included in the price is the following

    • 5 hours of recorded content
    • 44 page manifestation workbook
    • 21 day morning meditation ritual
    • Step by step ritual to fast track all you desire
    • Learn about affirmations & law of attraction
    • My high vibe manifesting music playlist
    • High vibration & positive thinking methods
    • Lifetime access to content