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Among one of the most recognised eco-hotels in the world, Eremito is the perfect sanctuary for those who wish to detach themselves from their “daily routine” in order to rediscover what is really important in life. Forest bathing & secret meditation areas are dotted around the grounds. It is a hidden gem that’s for sure. There are only 18 bedrooms & each cosy room represents simplicity and is named after a different hermit & has all the basics you will require for your retreat stay.

Our retreats offer a beautiful relaxed program for anyone who wishes to disconnect from the daily stresses of life and discover themselves again. You will feel our support the moment you arrive and you will feel the love flowing throughout the retreat to help lift you to a higher vibrational frequency.

On arrival, you will be given a schedule of events from which you can choose to participate, as well as information about special experiences. From there, it’s up to you to design the experience that will best serve you, by participating in as much or as little of the program as you wish.

Included is the following:

  • Morning meditation, visualisation & group healings
  • Sound baths, cacao ceremony
  • 4.5 hours of personal development workshops daily
  • Fireside chats, stargazing & reflection time
  • 1:1 optional holistic treatments (additional cost)
  • Private elegant & simplistic bedroom with w/c & shower
  • Private bus from Rome FCO airport
  • Breakfast buffet, set vegetarian 4 course lunch & dinner
  • Freshly grown organic produce
  • Nature hikes, thermal river & forest bathing
  • 4-star eco-friendly hotel
  • Live like a monk experience
  • Last day of the retreat is spent in a beautiful Italian town


Night-time at the hotel gives way to candle lit chill out areas, shooting stars & moonlight. Wind down in the steam room or whirlpool tub, naturally accompanied by tranquil Gregorian chants that create an incredible & unique ambience as you walk around this magical venue. 

Retreat Location:

Eremito is the ideal place for those who realise that peace and quiet are essential ingredients to find inner peace. It’s a mystical place, fruit of a long journey of self discovery. The place is majestically located within Umbrian valleys, this amplifies the sense of spirituality enchanting the eyes and the soul.

A unique place, a lay hermitage located in an isolated spot, where one can breathe and sense the atmosphere characteristic of Umbrian hermit places; here the combination of nature, peace and silence encourages being in touch with one’s soul and inner self. Eremito is the perfect place for a digital detox.

Umbria, located in the heart of Italy, between Rome and Florence is one of Italy’s most renowned regions for natural beauty, historical heritage, culinary tradition, and artistic patrimony. Untouched landscapes in the green of winding valleys make Umbria a region that amazes every visitor.

Dense wood mountains, hills and olive groves, aromatic vineyards, enchanting rivers, fascinating castles, medieval villages, and abbey churches stand out like jewels from the skyline.

Vegetables and herbs are organic, grown in the resort gardens. All the food is prepared on a daily basis by an Italian gifted in-house chef and is of high quality and exquisite taste, inspired by healthy  “Umbrian recipes coming from monastic Mediterranean tradition.

Breakfast and lunch are served in the garden table, surrounded by trees and with fabulous views in the woods.

A set 4 course vegetarian dinner plus local wine is served seated in the Refectory and it is an experience on its own as it is served in pure magnificent silence engaging guests to participate in a ritual beautifully and purposefully orchestrated by the hosts.

Places on the retreat are limited to 16 so that I can have sufficient quality time to interact and get to know everyone who attends these beautiful and very unique spiritual retreats.


Italy Wellness Retreat Dates 2024


30th September to 4th October 2024

7th to 11th October 2024

 Below are some questions that previous retreat participants have asked before flying out to Italy. If you are interested in retreating with us and wish to see the generic retreat itinerary please click the button below and submit the application form and we will be in touch accordingly.


The so called “Celluzze” are as the cells used by the hermits in past times who in their small and simple spaces were able to find time for meditation and prayer. Each room has a wrought iron bed with a foam memory mattress, a stone-carved desk set into the wall, a shower, a private toilet, and beautiful vistas in the green valley, the perfect vehicle for our journey to inner peace.


Hidden in a 3000 hectare protected natural reserve, there are endless walks or hikes you can take in your spare time to reconnect, ground your energy and just BE while exploring this untouched green landscape in the beautiful Umbrian valleys. With a river and gorgeous waterfall within walking distance you will thoroughly enjoy exploring the local landscape in your free time.

chill area


Immerse yourself in this wonderful location and enjoy the peacefulness. What could be better than relaxing while admiring wonderful views of the unspoilt countryside, breathtaking views and tranquility? What a beautiful location to give yourself some 'me' time to disconnect from the hectic lifestyle and reconnect with yourself.

yoga room

2024 Retreat Dates


Retreat Participants


Nights Away


Air miles to Rome

thermal river fun

01 What if I don't know anybody else travelling on the Retreat?

98% of the participants on my Italian retreats travel on their own and they are all female. It helps them to move out of their comfort zone and this is when you will experience personal growth and self development which is what my Retreats are all about. Over the years, I have witnessed many participants going home and becoming close friends with people they met for the first time on my Retreats as the bond and time spent together was so special and precious.

02 What type of food is included?

Breakfast buffet, a set vegetarian 4 course lunch & 4 course dinner menu. All Italian food is provided & a set menu is planned in advance. At mealtime — the kitchen turns out rustic vegetarian dishes using recipes from ancient monastic traditions, with ingredients from the hotel’s own organic garden & nearby bio-friendly farms. Think fresh pastas, just-baked breads & cakes, homemade jams & veggies picked just before they’re cooked. There’s also a broad selection of beverages hot & cold, including local wine, herbal teas & digestifs. It’s all proof that, especially in Italy, what the land itself provides is often most delicious when least meddled with.

03 What are the bedrooms like at this contemporary monastery?

The rooms contain no televisions, no phones, no mini bar fridges or wi-fi signals — all of which are part of the overall retreat experience to detox. A simple alcove next to your bedroom window is recommended for reflection & journaling, window views overlooking the treetops of the valley outside, provides the in-room entertainment. There is phone coverage in the hotel should you need it.

04 I have never attended a holistic retreat before and I was wondering what should I expect?

When you are part of group meditations, group sound baths, group experiences and open group talk therapy sessions a lot of emotions can come to the surface as the energy can be intense when people open up and share their story. Sometimes the energy can feel like you are on an emotional roller coaster. The bonds that are created from being vulnerable often lead to life long connections. People who attend always leave Italy feeling like they’ve found a new and improved version of themselves.


Testimonial - Italy Retreats

"“This is a very exceptional place. I spent the Summer Solstice here with Jen. I attended alone because I wanted to put my self-care & well-being first for once but I left with a lot more than I expected. When I met everyone at the airport I started to relax as everyone was so nice. When I arrived at Eremito, part of me felt like I was dreaming. The entire experience was so special and memorable. Jen really does go above and beyond to make everyone feel loved, minded & supported. Our yoga instructor was great. Jen's team were amazing. The individual hermit rooms were so unique & I loved the simplicity of my bedroom. The hotel environment was very peaceful, beautifully designed & spotless clean. The views were breathtaking. The vegetarian food included was beyond amazing, and the entire place is run by the most gentle souls. The workshops each day gave me clarity & direction. There was one part of the hotel where we could get a phone signal for calls & texts but after 48 hours I started to immerse myself in the entire experience & I managed to stay off my phone then which was a miracle for me. Being totally disconnected was so good for my soul. I could really listen in to what was important. I had so many breakthroughs. I came home floating, on a high with so many new pals. I highly recommend anyone who wants to explore meditation, spirituality and finding inner peace to consider spending some time with Jen in this magical place.”"


Testimonial - Italy Retreats

""If you can go on one of Jen's retreats, just GO. She is amazing and what Jen has created needs to be witnessed by more people. You will thank yourself for making the commitment. I want to book on again and I am only home a week!! Will never forget and love the positive person I have become.""


Testimonial - Italy Retreats

""I' was nervous at first booking on by myself but it really was the best decision I have made in many years. I formed such a great bond with all the girls in our group and I came home with 15 new friends and an experience that I will cherish for a long long time. Thank you so much Jen and keep being you.""


Testimonial - Italy Retreats

""I was blown away by what Jen had organised for us on the retreat. Every detail was thought off from the moment we landed in Italy to the second we sadly left to go home for Dublin. I came home a newer and happier version off myself. Highly recommend to go if you can. Grazie Jen !!""


Testimonials - Italy Retreats

"Jen is an amazing person with a very open, calm, thoughtful and warm personality. I had my first ever retreat on the 12th of October. It was absolutely amazing and I learned so many new things and I met some amazing women. I highly recommend Jen's retreats if you are feeling lost and want to enhance your spiritual growth."


Testimonials - Italy Retreats

"I recently participated in the Zen Wellness Italian Retreat. It is hard to verbalize just how amazing this experience was. From sunrise yoga, insightful workshops, excellent massages, to the attentive hotel staff in the beautiful hotel - no stone was left un-turned. Jen is the gift that keeps on giving, I am so grateful to have met her and to have had this experience"

Ann-Marie Murray

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