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Full Moon’s are a wonderful time for letting go of things, bringing situations to a conclusion, or releasing any energy that’s weighing you down. When you take part in the guided meditation & distant healing ritual you actively align yourself with the universe and you will find yourself releasing something that needs to go or fall away and this will happen effortlessly for you. Getting in tune with the spiritual energy of the full moon is a great way to feel more connected with yourself and the universe around you.

I carefully select my music playlist, specific mantras and I will be reading out a beautiful guided meditation script to help you heal on a deep level. I will write all of your names in my own hand writing and place them into my healing box, place a large rose quartz crystal on top to infuse the healing with huge amounts of love. Remember love is the highest vibration there is and can blast blockages instantly.

This event will also be recorded, if you cannot make it live you can still listen back in your own time when the energy of the full moon is at its most potent.

These gatherings are so good for your soul and you wake up the next morning feeling calmer, relaxed and happier.
Our final full moon gathering will be a morning time event and is on Wednesday 27th December at 10:30am GMT.

Cost is €11.11

Please click the button below to pay through paypal and receive the zoom details immediately for the next full moon event.

If you pay through Revolut please send an email once you have paid so I have your details to email the zoom link to.
Revolut: @jennifmfvg

Full Moon Events for 2023:

December 27th at 10:30am

I have been blown away by how this community has grown over the past 18 months and the constant demand for places for every event. The number of lovely encouraging messages I receive from clients after each monthly full moon event expressing how grateful they are, how they feel much calmer, that I have given them clarity and a drive for life again – it just warms my heart seeing how I can help people in any way possible and know that I am giving people a relaxed environment to feel at ease with like-minded people and enjoy some much needed ME time.


Each event will be at 8pm GMT & recorded so you can always watch back on the recording if you are unable to make it live on the night. Limited places are available for each full moon gathering. Please email me at info@zenwellness.co once you have paid so I can send you the zoom link details each month.

Testimonial - Full Moon Rituals

"Hi Jen, I just wanted to say thank you for last night's healing. It was so lovely and relaxing! I slept like a log afterwards! I could just feel the love and feel great now. All of your follow up advice as well is just gorgeous. Will definitely attend again. Thanks again and take care, Sarah xx"


Testimonial - Full Moon Rituals

"Hi Jen, Thank you so much for last nights beautiful healing session. The music was uplifting and I will definitely be playing it over the next few days. I am a bundle of emotions at the moment and I found the 90 minutes very soothing. I slept really well last night will do some more journaling today. Have a lovely weekend. "


Testimonial - Full Moon Rituals

"Awh Jen, Thank you so much for that, I’m so pleased to hear your doing another retreat as well. Your response has really helped me and I will contact you in a few days to book in for a one to one. Thank you so so much x"


Testimonial - Full Moon Rituals

"For tonight Jen thank you, it was badly needed. Hope you are well and congratulations on your retreats, they look amazing. You are a powerhouse such an amazing woman. Hopefully next year I will be able to attend."


Testimonial - Full Moon Rituals

"That was my first meditation with you and I found it really powerful. I have had a really emotional couple of weeks. I felt so calm afterwards. I loved the inner child part and the music was amazing. Thanks again and cannot wait for the next event."


Testimonial - Full Moon Rituals

"I just wanted to send you a little message to say thank you so much for tonight's full moon event! It was my first time to experience a healing and it was amazing! I got so emotional during it but crying was the release I needed and I could see everything I envisioned so clearly! I’ll definitely keep you updated over the next few days but I’m going to bed feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude and happiness that I haven’t felt in a long time! I honestly believe you are an earth angel and we have crossed paths for a reason! Thank you so much! Sending loads of love and light your way! "


Testimonial - Full Moon Rituals

"Loved tonight and i'm sooo chilled here in bed and hoping I will make the end of this email before falling asleep. When we were at the stream i felt this blanket or wave of orange suddenly come over me as you spoke about taking the hand of your guardian angel - lying here mind blown knowing all will work out. I also had my first counselling session yesterday and she wants me to connect more with my body she said i need to get out of my mind and into my body and told me to go for walks in the park, look at nature breath it in, breath in the flowers and THEN you pulled that angel card tonight, amazing... I'm on a high but yet so chilled and ready for my next cycle in this new moon!!!! I'm not letting it consume me. Thanks again and look forward to the next one, put my name down now!!! "


Testimonial - Full Moon Rituals

"I finally got to experience one of your Full Moon Zoom Events and I can’t tell how how much I loved every minute of it... I slept through the majority of your event last night which I haven’t fallen asleep like that in years upon years! I’m truly amazed! I really felt the best I had in a long time and I want to thank you for it. I love the idea of sleeping under the stars so that’s something that will be on the cards for definite. Spending my day out in the sun with my journal. Many thanks for such an enjoyable night and for enlightening me that little bit more. "


01 What do I need to have ready for a full moon ritual?

Please have a warm throw, a candle lit, wear something white (optional) or a white flower, crystals (optional), incense (optional), headphones for music (optional) & a blank sheet of paper incase anything comes to you during or after my guided meditation and distant healing ceremony. Moon water left out in the light of the full moon to charge & drink the next day.

02 What should I expect?

Have a think about what way you would like to feel after you attend the full moon gathering. Set your intentions beforehand….More clarity? Extra calmness? More inner peace? Increased happiness? An answer to something? A beautiful healing experience?

03 Do I need to come on camera or say anything?

No, you don’t have to come on camera and you don’t have to speak. I always leave time at the end if you have questions and you can even just type them into the chat box. I invite you to create a relaxed / zen environment that feels right for you and I always recommend decluttering your space.