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Do you ever feel like the energy in your home is holding you back or stunting your growth? Do you feel really curious about Feng Shui & how it can benefit you and the people you live with? Do you ever feel your home is zapping your energy the minute you walk through the front door? Your life goals are difficult to achieve despite putting your best foot forward. Your energy is low or fluctuates too much. Things don’t really feel “in flow”…?
What if you woke up in a home where you feel happy, energized, your heart full of love, your mind clear and ready to seize the day? What if you could make choices without fear of the future, and actually enjoyed spending time in your home? What if your home injected you & everyone in it with positive energy?
What if you had amazing relationships, inside and outside your home, career opportunities, a refreshed perspective on life? What if your guests linger at your house for hours, just because they feel the energy in your home is so inviting?
Have you considered using Feng Shui, the ancient art of rebalancing the energy in your home, in order to overcome life blockages and shake things up?
Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that seeks to reenergize a space by using the Five Elements theory and the Yin Yang theory, among other powerful tools. I keep my course simple to follow and you start to see results instantly.
When practiced correctly, Feng Shui is transformational; it is life-altering. We could say that Feng Shui heals the home in the same way that Reiki heals your body.
How the course works:
Since the purpose of this course is to create a fully-Feng Shui home, I’ll give you a step by step introduction to invite in new “chi” straight away.
You learn how to remove all the Feng Shui blockages present in your home (I’ll help you to notice them don’t worry).
Learn the foundation of Feng Shui to improve your life and your home environment.
Everything is explained in my “easy to learn approach”!
Are there rooms within your house where the energy feels “stuck”? I will help you remedy these spaces with my favorite tips.
I’ll share affordable finishing touches for a happy home and a vibrant life. And most importantly, to reach all your career, love, health, wealth or specific goals you may have.
You can learn this is your own time which is great for people with busy schedules.
If you pay through Revolut please send an email once you have paid so I have your details to email the content to.
Revolut: @jennifmfvg

good feng shui in living room area
good feng shui in bedroom area
gold buddha in window cill
good living room feng shui

01 What do I need to have ready for the feng shui course?

Just have a notepad and pen to take some notes during the course. It will be recorded and sent to you after it is finished so don’t worry should you miss or forget something.

02 What should I expect?

A new energy flowing through your home and into your life. When we feng shui our homes we create abundance in every area of our lives.

03 Do I need to come on camera or say anything?

No, you don’t have to come on camera and you don’t have to speak. I always leave time at the end if you have any questions.

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  • Feng Shui in a Day

  • 242

  • Learn Feng Shui in a day

    • Introduction to Feng Shui
    • Learn my favourite Feng Shui remedies
    • Learn how I use Feng Shui intuitively
    • “27” Movement Remedy – this has worked for everyone who has done my course in the last 5 years
    • The importance of intentions & placement of new items
    • My Feng Shui checklist to complete in 21 days for maximum results
    • In depth Feng Shui checklist to increase the flow of good energy
    • Daily Feng Shui remedies