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Meet Jen International Intuitive Healer.

I am the owner of Zen Wellness. I am a Reiki Grand Master, Manifestation Expert, Sound Healer, Feng Shui Consultant, International Intuitive Healer and Zen Wellness Retreats creator. I am on a mission to elevate the collective by teaching individuals just like you how to step into your authenticity, rewrite the stories that are keeping you from reaching your highest potential & tap into your inner wisdom to bring your once impossible dreams into reality. I’ve dedicated my life to helping others massively uplevel their own lives in every way they desire and I cannot wait to share with you the tools, strategies & teachings that will lead you to your infinite potential!

My passion is supporting people as they find their inner light again and watching their spark come back even brighter than before! I believe we should cherish every moment as a precious gift. I teach my clients the importance of gratitude, living in the moment, paying it forward, always doing your best and keeping your karma in a good place.

I have mentored hundreds of students as they embark or go deeper on their spiritual journey. I create sacred spaces for groups to come together in a like minded uplifting community for Reiki courses / Meditation & distant healing events / Heart opening ceremonies / Holistic wellness retreats and Law of attraction workshops.

When I am not with my clients I am a mum to my son Bodhi and my daughter Everleigh. I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about me and I look forward to seeing if we are energetically aligned to work together.

Have a look around my newly launched website and see if any of the services I offer feels aligned with you.

Love and heart hugs,

Jen x

jen healing

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These beautifully crafted products have been designed over the last few years before I felt the time was right to launch them. I hope you enjoy them.

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Italian Retreats for 2024

Testimonial – Manifestation Products

"Jen I was absolutely blown away with your amazing weekend event in Dublin and to top it all off you have launched gorgeous products that go in hand in hand with everything you teach and preach. Love them. Massive well done x"


Testimonial - Manifestation Products

"I can instantly feel the love, energy and manifestation power that is infused into all these superb products. Over the moon I got my hands on them. Thank you thank you !"


Testimonial - Manifestation Products

"Wow Jen. I really love all the items that arrived. Love the colours, the art & wording on the mantra cards are beautiful, the smell of the Moon Aura Spray & candle is divine. Well done again, you should be so proud of what you have designed. Continued success for you Jen"


Testimonial - Manifestation Products

"I was so excited for my Magic Manifestation Kit to arrive in the post & I was extremely happy with my purchase. The packaging, the attention to detail on the various products and overall vibe is just so pretty and simple. I have ordered two more for Christmas gifts for friends, they are that beautiful. Now to start manifesting."


Testimonial - Manifestation Course

"Dearest Jen, This day last week my life took another turn, a turn that has brought me ever closer to aligning with my beautiful soul and to source. You have been the conduit of this miracle! I cannot begin to tell you about all the incredible synchronicities that have come into my life in just 7 days...they have been EPIC! Last Friday, after taking part in your 11/11 manifestation course I was so impressed with your teachings, the community you have built & everything you have offered me plus the opportunity to create miracles, magic and limitless possibilities into my life. I was doing a good job but NOW......WOW!!!!! I could go on and on...... but what I know for sure is that once again, as you have done on so many occasions over the past 5 years, have enhanced my life beyond measure. Now, I know I am the creator of my life's desires.... I know that when I connect and listen to my soul, the outcome of my manifestations are simply incredible....however, we all need that person in our lives, a teacher, someone who gives of themselves selflessly for the betterment of others. What I know for sure is that this is your soul's purpose. Your loving light shines so exquisitely in all that you are and all that you do. I feel extraordinarily humbled and blessed to have you in my life and I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for being you...... Jen, the Divine in me bows with great gratitude and appreciation to the Divine in you. I love the bones of you................. YOU ARE EPIC! "


Testimonial - Manifestation Course

"A powerful course as always and I feel so much lighter already. I am delighted to say I have been keeping my vibration high and have manifested a few things since the course. The difference in me since I first met you in April is amazing I can’t even explain - just so much goodness and happiness has come back into my life & I don’t know how to thank you but I’ll think of something."


Testimonial - Italy Retreats

"“This is a very exceptional place. I spent the Summer Solstice here with Jen. I attended alone because I wanted to put my self-care & well-being first for once but I left with a lot more than I expected. When I met everyone at the airport I started to relax as everyone was so nice. When I arrived at Eremito, part of me felt like I was dreaming. The entire experience was so special and memorable. Jen really does go above and beyond to make everyone feel loved, minded & supported. Our yoga instructor was great. Jen's team were amazing. The individual hermit rooms were so unique & I loved the simplicity of my bedroom. The hotel environment was very peaceful, beautifully designed & spotless clean. The views were breathtaking. The vegetarian food included was beyond amazing, and the entire place is run by the most gentle souls. The workshops each day gave me clarity & direction. There was one part of the hotel where we could get a phone signal for calls & texts but after 48 hours I started to immerse myself in the entire experience & I managed to stay off my phone then which was a miracle for me. Being totally disconnected was so good for my soul. I could really listen in to what was important. I had so many breakthroughs. I came home floating, on a high with so many new pals. I highly recommend anyone who wants to explore meditation, spirituality and finding inner peace to consider spending some time with Jen in this magical place.”"


Testimonial - Italy Retreats

""If you can go on one of Jen's retreats, just GO. She is amazing and what Jen has created needs to be witnessed by more people. You will thank yourself for making the commitment. I want to book on again and I am only home a week!! Will never forget and love the positive person I have become.""


Testimonial - Italy Retreats

""I' was nervous at first booking on by myself but it really was the best decision I have made in many years. I formed such a great bond with all the girls in our group and I came home with 15 new friends and an experience that I will cherish for a long long time. Thank you so much Jen and keep being you.""


Testimonial - Italy Retreats

""I was blown away by what Jen had organised for us on the retreat. Every detail was thought off from the moment we landed in Italy to the second we sadly left to go home for Dublin. I came home a newer and happier version off myself. Highly recommend to go if you can. Grazie Jen !!""


Testimonial - Reiki Mastership Programme

"Where do I start? This is more than just a mentorship programme that will teach you all you need to know to become a Reiki Master Practitioner. Jen walks alongside you ever step of the way and at your pace. There is so much more than the 1:1 Zooms, which are incredible BTW. It’s the lists of questions via email in between, the constant commitment to helping you get to where you want to be. You can do this in 3 months or 12 months, it’s up to you. The reassurance provided is invaluable. Jen will see you before you see you. Jen will believe in you before you believe in yourself too. But when you both then see the same person, the magic happens and you step into your light, into your purpose. This is single handedly the best thing I have ever committed to. I see Reiki as my future, my business and it looks and feels wonderful. "

Amy B

Testimonial - Reiki Mastership Programme

"Hi Jen. ❤️ Gosh what a powerful weekend! I will be honest and say that I wasn't sure how the online trainings would work as I imagined Reiki training being very hands on, but what you have created through the online training is incredible. You should be so proud of yourself for the amazing space that you have created. I am very excited about going on my healing journey and providing a safe place for people in time. Lots of Love."


Testimonial - Reiki Mastership Programme

"Hi Jen, I just wanted to drop you a quick message to say thank you so much for today, it was lovely and the energy felt amazing. I was so nervous having never done a Reiki session before but you couldn't have made me felt more at ease, thank you for that. I'm extremely excited to see what the next 21 days will bring and I'm really looking forward to practicing. I hope you a have lovely evening and a beautiful day tomorrow. Thank you so much."


Testimonial - Reiki Mastership Programme

"Thank you so much for yesterday’s training it was such a wonderful experience. I was tired after it and it is only today that I am really feeling the benefits! I feel very uplifted and really connected to something bigger. I didn’t know a lot about Reiki and so I attended yesterday more out of curiosity than with any sort of a plan to become a Reiki Master! However, now I feel something new is opening up for me, I could feel this for the last few months, I just didn’t know what it was. Perhaps it was Reiki calling me?! I really enjoyed listening to you and your story yesterday. You are a wonderful teacher, I especially loved how gentle you were. So thank you for that. I am looking forward to the meditation this evening, thank you so much for the invite and for your daily distance healing, I feel so supported!"


Zen Wellness Offerings.

  • 2024 Italian Wellness Retreats

  • 2188

    • 5 days & 4 nights away
    • Breakfast buffet, a set 4 course vegetarian lunch & dinner
    • Take part in powerful ceremonies
    • Make conscious friends for life
    • Empowering workshops
    • Group healings & sound baths
    • A full retreat agenda
    • Welcome retreat gift
    • Bus transfer from Rome FCO
  • Manifestation Workshop

  • 88.88

  • Included in the price is the following

    • 4.5 hours of recorded content
    • 44 page manifestation workbook
    • 21 day morning meditation ritual
    • Step by step ritual to fast track all you desire
    • Learn about affirmations & law of attraction
    • My high vibe manifesting music playlist
    • High vibration & positive thinking methods
    • Lifetime access to content
  • Feng Shui in a Day

  • 242

  • Learn Feng Shui in a day

    • Introduction to Feng Shui
    • My favourite Feng Shui remedies
    • How I use Feng Shui intuitively
    • “27” Movement Remedy – this has worked for everyone who has done my course in the last 5 years
    • The importance of intentions & placement of new items
    • My Feng Shui checklist to complete in 21 days for maximum results
    • In depth Feng Shui checklist to increase the flow of good energy
    • Daily Feng Shui remedies
  • Reiki Mastership Programme

  • 2222

    • Dr. Usui’s Reiki Certificates recognised by IARP
    • 1:1 private attunements
    • Access to 55 hours of pre-recorded material
    • Work in your own environment at your own pace
    • 3 intuitive healings with me included
    • Mentoring calls & whatsapp support